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“Erich knows how to detect obstacles and barriers easily and to develop solutions that quickly lead to success. His training is the future.”

About Erich Walker

Erich Walker is the founder and CEO of “Quantum Sports Academy”. Although the doctors diagnosed him with a spine problem and advised him to stop all sports immediately (for fear that he could get paralyzed), Erich would go on and win the world cup and become the vice world champion in showdance.

He has developed his movement-savvy skills in his 36-year career as a dancer, athlete, movement therapist, coach and seminar leader. He has coached and instructed thousands of athletes, dancers, teachers, trainers and therapists across Europe and in the U.S.

Now he helps athletes to maximize their performance, minimize the risk of injury to become unstoppable and invincible leaders in their sport.

His athletes have won almost 200 medals in the last six years.