I have a burnout. how do I get fit again?
How can I get healthy again faster?
I am afraid of a surgery. What shall I do?
I want to show my full potential, but I can’t…
I want to get rid of my fear, but I don’t know how …

Hypnosis is an ultra-fast method for success.
Here are examples of what you can achieve.

  • You experience the flow. Anytime & anywhere.
  • Show your A-Game when you need it.
  • Learn a new movement faster & easier.
  • How can you recover faster?
  • End mental & emotional blocks.
  • Activate the “winner’s gene”.
  • You can’t score goals anymore.
  • etc.
  • You can easily give a speach in in front of an audience.
  • You achieve your goals.
  • You lead a meeting with ease and clarity.
  • Don’t know how to unleash my full power.
  • Use your strengths in negotiations.
  • You have trouble concentrating.
  • How do you deal with pain/defeat?
  • You struggle to motivate yourself.
  • Convert self-doubt into self-confidence.
  • Become more resistant to stress
  • You can’t handle pressure & criticism.
  • How can a defeat put me back on the road to success?
  • I can’t control my emotions.
  • Get creative & promote your intuition.
  • etc.
  • Doctors don’t know why you’re in pain.
  • Doctors and therapists can’t help you.
  • Reduce the side effects of drugs.
  • Minimize side effects of chemo therapy.
  • Boost your self-healing powers.
  • How do I get rid of an accident trauma?
  • Can I do something about my allergy?
  • etc.
Fears & Phobias
  • You are afraid to miss an exam.
  • You are afraid of flying.
  • Narrow spaces take your breath away.
  • You want to get rid of your fear of heights.
    I am afraid of surgery/anesthesia.
    You finally want to get rid of your phobia.
    You can no longer drive through a tunnel.
  • You can’t fully let go of old relationships.
  • Mourning & Depression after a Death: I Can’t Let Go.
  • You are exhausted, tired and burned out.
  • You can’t really relax anymore.
  • How can you reduce stress?
  • Solve conflicts emotionally.
  • etc.


  1. I have deliberately not made a complete list of the diseases in which a hypnosis session makes sense. It would be too long. Let yourself inspire by the topics.
  2. A hypnosis session never replaces a visit to the doctor, physiotherapist or psychologist. Before you come to me, you must first clarify your disease with a specialist. I don’t make diagnoses.
  3. If you have any questions, contact me. I will call you back and discuss the options, opportunities and risks openly and honestly with you. This offer is free of charge.
Is Hypnosis really an ultra-fast method?

This is really possible in 1 – 3 sessions.

Over the years I have experienced it again and again: someone has been carrying a problem around for years. Or a pain that prevents him from being happy and / or successful.

And then the problem is solved even after a session. The pain is gone

Why is Hypnosis such a quick method?
There are 3 reasons:

Firstly, simply because the techniques are simple. And because they have been tried and tested on tens of thousands of people worldwide for decades.

Secondly, because we don’t just make symptoms go away. We’ll find the reason for your challenge. Then we solve it permanently.

Thirdly: I work with the Omni method, and this method has received a label that stands for the highest quality: ISO9001.

Hypnose-Breakthrough-Sitzung nach Omni, SQS ISO 9001 Zertifikat, Anmeldung


Erich, can you really solve so many different problems?

The reason for this is simple. And it has nothing to do with me. But with how your mind is structured: 95 – 99% of your potential lies in the subconscious and the unconsciousness.

Everything you have experienced is stored here. What beliefs, your behaviors, your emotions: your subconscious and unconscious mind have recorded everything like a camera.

But your problems are also stored here: How, when and where they started.

Hypnosis is just the “vehicle” that takes you there. Once you are there, you can solve your problems, change the reason behind it.

Can you guarantee that I need only one session as well?

The success of the hypnosis breakthrough session depends on how you engage with the process. How much you allow yourself to get involved.

If you’re committed 100%, then I can guide you much easier step by step through the process. And then the chance is high that you too can achieve such results, as well.

In Hypnosis I am completely at your disposal. Is that correct?


In Hypnosis you are the boss not me. Why?

First, most people think they sleep in hypnosis. This mistake comes from the word hypnosis itself. It origins from the Greek god of sleep (Hypnos). But the opposite is true. In hypnosis you are 2-3 times more awake than now that you are reading this text. Your senses are much more open. You can feel, see, hear, smell and taste much better than in the “normal” waking state.

Second: Your subconscious has a built-in self-protection. Even in the deepest Hypnosis, it is still active and protects you from being manipulated by anyone.


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